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  • DLAB INDIA 2019 H1 Sales Meeting Held at Hyderabad

    DLAB India held 2019 H1 Sales Meeting on 11th and 12th of Oct at Hyderabad Office. Two of Chinese colleagues from Beijing Headquarters joined DLAB India team in the meeting. In India, the H1 ends by September.


    India and China are two important markets for DLAB global business in general laboratory instruments. To be closer to Indian customers and provide good products at affordable price, with unparalleled service, DLAB set up India office back in 2017. Both with tremendous population base and ambition to modernization, the India and China markets share a lot of common characteristics. The crosstalk between India and China team is highly creative and helpful. Both China and India team achieved 30% plus growth and a lot of experience be shared within the team, especially on how to better serve our customers, bring value to them, enable their work easier with reliable products.  During the 2 days meeting, dozens of sales representatives from all over India presented their performances and shared their ideas on how to achieve the marketing goal and sales target. The China team also shared their experience. Both the management of China and India team therefore made valuable suggestions according to market situation for different area of India.

    After the successful completion of the meeting, the whole team had a happy dinner at Minerva Grand. 

    DLAB India and China team will continue working together to provide accessible solution to the two to-be-the-largest-eventually markets in the world.